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The Importance of Business Cards

Business cards remain to be a vital part of advertising. They are easy to distribute, affordable to make and you can also help to spread the word of your business with ease.

Business cards can also be a great way to close a sale with your customers. For example, if you are talking to a customer you want to give them a call-to-action if you can’t close the sale there and then.

A business card can be a great way to do this, because your customer will always have a constant physical reminder with them. If you want to really succeed however, you should make sure that your business card is eye-catching with a clear font.

A business card which is cheaply made with blurry ink and undefined tones won’t leave a very good impression on your customer. Remember that your business cards are the face of your business as soon as your customer leaves the store, so this really is something to consider when you design your cards.

Why Business Cards are better Than TV and Radio Advertising

Business cards in theory are much more effective when compared to TV and radio advertising. People remember things via repetition.

For example, the more you see an advert, the more you likely you are to remember the company name. This means that you need to have several advertisements on at several times per day, not to mention that each of your customers needs to hear/see this advertisement before they register it as an option.

With business cards, you don’t need to do this, because many people keep business cards in their bag or wallet without even knowing about it. This enables you to give your customers a constant, physical reminder about who you are and what you do, not to mention that they always have access to a phone number, website and email, an excellent way to increase your conversion rate.


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